We are an international trading company constituted in 2007 by five production plants located in the departments of Magdalena and Cesar in the Colombian Caribbean Coast, participating with almost 50% of the North Zone production of palm oil.

In the last 4 years we have been the number one palm oil export company in the country with around 51% of market share of Colombia's total palm oil exports


"We generate value to our clients and stakeholders as strategic allies to provide local and international commercialization service of oils, fats and its derivatives, and agricultural inputs; based on management models that promote quality and corporate social responsibility.".


"Being recognized in 2017 as the leading business organization in Colombia , in generating value-added business for the agribusiness sector"


  • HONESTY: We base our actions, relationships and business commitments in a framework of transparency, honesty and loyalty.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: We do the work with dedication and commitment, always giving the best to achieve the business goals.
  • RELIABILITY: Through our business activities, we generate confidence of our customers and suppliers.
  • COMMITMENT: We do our work while conscious of the importance of compliance as a basis for achieving our goals.
  • RESPECT: We tolerate the values and concepts of all stakeholders related to the company.
  • TRANSPARENCY: We are Coherent with what we feel, think and do.


The production plants of C.I. Biocosta are located in the Departments of Magdalena and Cesar in the Caribbean Coast of Colombia

In C.I. BIOCOSTA S.A. We generate value to the palm agribusiness by building strong reliable and long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers, shareholders and stakeholders.

We are committed to allocate resources and continually work on preventing occupational injuries and illnesses, mitigation of environmental impacts and compliance with the legal requirements of industrial safety, occupational health, environmental and others.

We promote a system of production and marketing of sustainable palm oil throughout the value chain, based on the principles and criteria of the RSPO.

We develop programs and actions based on continuous improvement culture of all our processes

In June 2013, C.I. BIOCOSTA S.A., received ISO 9001: 2008; ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007. Fulfilling each standard described in the above standards, working hard on continuous improvement of our processes.